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There is little question about the honesty of a small businessman, "is honesty still apply today?, Age of crazy that if we are not mad he will not miss out and can not survive, whether with honesty that our effort will last for a long time?".

Hearing the question we are concerned that employers, because employers are indirectly have started doubting about the importance of an honesty in business. but the employers are not to blame for granted, with the question he may have despaired of the business climate in our country, the bureaucracy that makes growing proliferation of dishonesty and the tendency of governments that prefer the big businessmen.

Back to the questions above, Does it need an honesty serve as the main capital Dalan try?, She answered YES. It seems honest company currently hard at looking for, but like a diamond, although there are in deep mud, and equipment to be sought after, sheen and its value will not be diminished by age.

As in Islam there are verses which explain to the traders by reducing restrictions on timbangan.Seolah if by reducing the scale will give a big advantage in a moment, but if viewed long-term detriment, the buyer has not believed in the merchant because these deceitful, traders are doing in berusahanya dishonesty which resulted in long-term loss .

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