Optimistic and Productive

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The benefits are positive for a Muslim who has a patient attitude is the birth of optimistic attitude. Optimistic and patience honed to bear a confident attitude and a strong belief, patience and optimism also need to be equipped with the nature of trust that is the attitude of surrender, accept all the provisions of God, a Muslim who put their trust optimistic and peaceful life will, no worries on everything that will and might happen, everything is arranged by God Most Creating, these conditions gave birth to high productivity.

Productive for a Muslim is a reflection of intelligence, creativity in the use of the time, he never discard useless every second that ticked, he realized that time he underwent a religious value, "and I did not create the jinn and men but that they may worship me," ( QS.Adzaariyaat, 56).

Optimistic attitude and productive is the door to success, success as a man who wants to meet his personal needs, do not depend on others, went on to become a servant who has a goal jangjka pankjang Hereafter later. do not be afraid of failure, no need to tremble at the threat, no need to subside even though knock.

Travel age places us as human beings should become much more mature in thinking, acting, and say. The figure of the servant figure who tidah easy to say "I lose", but that raises the personal always said "I'll go back and try, because I want to succeed".

Islam thus provide education to his people. Thinking, working, and relentless work, rest for a Muslim is when to meet their Lord.

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